How To Wash Pillows To Make Them Look And Feel As Good As New

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Using energy efficient home ideas to dry pillows quicker and keep them fluffy? yes, please!

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Throwing tennis balls in the dryer with the pillows. | energy efficient home ideas

So how dirty are your pillows? Well, pillows can trap oils, dead skin cells and dirt in their fibers,

not mention those pesky dust mites! It’s recommended that you wash your pillows every three months (minimum) to maximize the lifespan of your pillows (because how hard and long does it take you to find the perfect pillows?) and keep your face clean from bacteria that could cause acne and other unpleasant skin reactions. Not to get crazy here, but hello…allergies people!! We keep running around the house disinfecting and wiping down everything; Lysol and Febreeze fill the air because damn it, I want to breathe properly when I am sleeping or cuddled up on my sofa squishing my favorite throw cushion. Not in a million years did I look to my pillows as a reason to that problem, but all is well in the world again and I am going to give you all a crash course in how to wash pillows (all of them). In the Caribbean, my mom used to hang the pillows using a basket hanger like contraption and she called it “sunning the pillows” to kill germs. Well, mom today I am using modern methods because I need to know for sure that my pillows are clean.

Some folks ask well, can you wash pillows? ABSOLUTELY! I have found that a lot of us think that by changing the covers we are keeping things pretty clean and staying in control. Negative, ok? negative. Those fluffy filled cotton balloons have to be washed (did we ever look at the wash tags that come attached to the thing?). So let us look at the various ways we can accomplish this necessary task and let me warn you, today there won’t be any creative home decorating projects, no making money from home ideas, no dream home ideas, no spa day party at home ideas…none of that. If you think that’s what this is about, abort right now because the only awesome home ideas we will be looking at pertains to washing our pillows religiously.

Diving right into machine wash pillows – pretty simple – mild detergent, warm water, and a delicate cycle. You can wash up to two pillows at a time and yes feather pillows included. Handwashing pillows – warm water, mild detergent and agitate – same premise except by hand, and my fave, dry cleaning pillows. I drop them off at my laundromat and they come back fresh as daisies. Drying the pillows would be slightly different depending on the material inside and outside of your pillows. For instance, when using the dryer, tumble dry and no heat for feather pillows, but use low heat for your synthetics, if you have an area that you can air dry your pillows, that’s even better. What’s important is that we keep them clean, thanks for staying and listening to my rant. Please pass this invaluable knowledge around so other people can get with the program. (smile)

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