She Folds Fabric In Half And What She Does Next Is Genius. Watch!

You can choose what color fabric and thread you want to work with for your diy clutch purse. I wanted a printed silk and like colors for the threading.

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Choosing the threads and the needles for my clutch purse | DIY clutch purse

I have had my share of too many “too expensive” clutch purses, fashion was going to be the death of me and my bank account

So I always found that the purses I spent hundreds of dollars on were never the right size or I couldn’t get it on sale, or I just rarely used it; I mean it was always something. That’s when one of my friends came to one of our girl’s night out with a beautiful clutch and I, of course, asked her where did she buy it. Lo and behold she said she MADE IT HERSELF. Excuse me? Seriously I was floored because the purse was just darn beautiful and in no way resembled a home economics project. I have attempted in the past DIY body scrub, a DIY face mask for dry skin, even DIY hair oil! But I have never attempted…a DIY clutch purse. That was all about to change because I too wanted to save money and still look like I bought my stuff from Kate Spade! This was going to either make me look really, really good or look really, really bad, but I was willing to take the risk and I started preparing for my very first fashion project.

I started by looking at what fabric I would be going to use, I eventually decided on a piece of lovely printed kimono silk. Then I selected some padding that would help keep the shape of the bag, a piece of cloth the same size as the silk (this is the lining of the bag) the right threads and sewing needles, a small bowl to help me with the rounded corners, scissors, pencil, ruler and a spray adhesive. I started with the padding first which I smoothed out and then I folded it into three parts (the bag itself and the flap), I used a pencil and I wrote on it (flap, front, back, etc.) so it would keep me always working on the correct surface. Next, I used the small bowl on the edges to give me a nice rounded look and it would allow me to sew my little darts accurately (you can see how I went about this in my video). Next, I folded the padding in half (sideways) because I wanted my clasp that would close my bag to be fully centered, it’s a sure way of getting that part right. It was time to place my pattern on top of the fabric and I used the adhesive spray to keep it in place (there will be excess fabric on the sides at first, don’t worry I am trimming that down). After I have marked where the clasp is on the fabric, just using a bit of tape (so my needle wouldn’t accidentally go over it and break), I place my bag over the lining so I can cut it exactly to the measurements of my purse (I stitch my purse sides, corners, and darts up after I measure for the lining). When you get to this part, remember that when you fold it, it’s right-side together, next I stitch my corners and sides up, Lastly, I put the lining into my bag and began to sew the edges together (the clutch was turned inside-out) and then flipped it back on the right side and then I ran my stitches along the openings and closed up the bag (forever). My bag was finished and it had the depth to hold my items, it was beautifully seamless and no one would know that it wasn’t bought in a store!.

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