Before & After: From Ceiling Space To Playroom

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Before we start working on these crafty home ideas let me show you what exactly our ceiling space looked like.

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Smart home ideas for ceiling space:

My husband and I were extremely happy with the place we were living in until we had our second child.

Having one child we were like the cool parents who had enough space to offer their kid to play. Our kid had his own nursery and we had our own room and privacy. Everything was going cool until we had the second child. Just for the sake of clarity, it isn’t like one morning I took the pregnancy test that came positive and it hit us right away that we needed more space in our house for our toddler. We were okay with everything and didn’t think of working on any new home ideas. We thought we can just add a bed in our two year’s room and we don’t have to work on any renovation home ideas. However, when our daughter came into this world, we realized that it was not safe to let our son play in the same room all the time.

Toddlers are curious and they want to hold their newborn sibling in their parent’s absence and that is exactly what our son did. To save our children from any unpleasant incident, we decided to think about some crafty home ideas so that we can give our son his own space to play. There were several home design tips that people shared with us. Some even suggested that we change our house and move to a bigger one. Changing the house was off the shelf because we couldn’t stretch our budget especially after having a new child. This is the reason we started working on DIY home ideas for our house. My husband searched for several home ideas on Pinterest and the one that inspired him the most was turning the ceiling space to the playroom.

My husband and some of his friends brainstormed these home ideas on Pinterest and they finally came to this conclusion that it was one of the doable awesome home ideas. My husband started gathering everything that he needs to work on these new home décor trends. I don’t like and say that it was a piece of cake. However, working on these DIY home ideas was definitely worth it. The final result was exactly what we needed for our house. I will share with you everything that we needed to make this project a huge success along with the final results.

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